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Less land to grow food + more mouths to feed = big problem.

But, increasingly, forward-thinking farmers are eschewing the confines of conventional agriculture and growing on what’s traditionally been considered unusable space: city rooftops.

Besides helping meet the growing demand for food production, rooftop farms offer the following benefits:

·      Enhance the urban landscape (and human well-being). By cultivating lettuces, kale, arugula, and other crops, rooftop farms literally make cities greener. And studies have found that exposure to nature and vegetation provides an array of psychological benefits, from decreased anxiety to increased productivity.

·       Make cities more eco-friendly. Bare roofs in cities absorb and then radiate heat — a phenomenon known as the “heat island effect.” This increases energy usage and contributes to the poor air quality that often plagues big cities. But rooftop farms help cool buildings, ultimately reducing carbon emissions. And by growing food in the communities they serve, rooftop farmers lessen the environmental impact of food transportation, as well.

·       Increase the availability of real, healthy food. When farmers grow inside — or better yet, on top of — the concrete jungles and food deserts that many of us inhabit, more people have access to fresh, wholesome, and affordable food. And because it travels fewer food miles, hyper-local produce is often healthier and tastier, too.

Let's make our cities greener and more livable together. Let's make our city breathe again. We'll be there - will you take part too?

Pictures show how it could look like - these projects already exist successfully.

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