CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

You always wanted to grow your own fruit and vegetables, but you don't have the time or the space?
Then just become a sponsoring member.
You can help us make rooftop gardening a success for as little as £ 15 a month - cancelable at any time (or £ 150 with annual payment / £ 80 by paying for 6 months in advance).
In return you get

- one mixed family basket per month for free

- 15 % discount for each additional basket

- you'll get the oppurtunity to try fruits and          vegetables which are not very common or         unknown in the UK

What We Offer

We not only offer fresh fruits and vegetables - we also offer workshops for interested hobby gardeners and for people who want to become one.
We also offer help and support if you want to grow your own food even you got limited space only or  on your own flat roof.

But this is far from everything, there are much more possibilities with little effort to create a small or big oasis. Green, blooming house facades are more attractive than naked and gray walls. It also increases well-being, offers refuge for birds and useful insects.

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